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Ryle High School Photography Club


Thank you for your interest in RHS Photography Club!  I am so happy to lead RHS into our first year, as we have lots of new and exciting things  planned for our photographers!  


About RHS Photography Club:  Our club is part of a larger non-profit organization called “i.imagine,” which provides photography education after school programs to students in NKY and Cincinnati.  Shannon Eggleston is the Founder/Executive Director of i.imagine and will be co-teaching this class with a professional photographer from the community.  


Class Description: Each class will touch on three basic principles.  First are the fundamentals of photography, as they relate to general classroom instruction.  There’s tons of science, technology, math, and of course art included in this fun and creative space!  Secondly, we’ll spend lots of time learning the artistry of photography, and how the human eye is naturally drawn to particular artistic elements.  Third, every class will cover a relevant social issue facing teens, and how these emotions/feelings and stories can be told in photographs, rather than words!  We spend time covering many different kinds of photography and work hard to craft an experience that focuses on topics, themes, and techniques that interest our students the most. 

RHS Photography Club is a judgement free zone.  It’s impossible to feel free to create and express yourself  if you feel that others may criticize you.  We are a family of photographers that focus on the beauty in the photos you take, and more importantly, who you are as human beings.  


Meeting Times: After school one day per week.  Meeting day TBD.

Parent/Student Communication: Email from program instructor and/or Mrs. Caldwell of Ryle High School.

Cost:  Ryle Rocks!  There's no fee for students to join.  


Do I need to bring my own camera?  If you have a DSLR camera, we highly encourage you to allow your child to use it!  We will cover care and maintenance, and your child will likely be able to teach you how to get the most out of your camera.  If you don’t have a DSLR camera, no worries!  We have camera kits available for your child to borrow, which they’ll get to keep at home and take on trips.  There is no additional cost to borrow.  


There are many different brands and models.  The most important element for our class is that your camera has “manual exposure.”  If you have questions about this, contact Shannon Eggleston at or call at (859) 801-1045.  

Does my child have to have previous knowledge/experience with photography? Nope!  We welcome students of all ability levels.  

How do I sign my child up?  There's a registration page under the "Parents" link here on our website.  All of the forms are located here and are paperless!  

SPACE IS LIMITED!!!!!  Because of this, we expect our students to regularly attend weekly meetings,  actively participate and contribute.   

Here’s a checklist of things you need to do in order to enroll your child. You can complete all three forms listed below, electronically.  Click here to get started.


  1. Online enrollment form -  Required for all students

  2. Minor Release form - Signature required for all students.

  3. Permission to Borrow Camera - Signature required.  This is ONLY for students borrowing an i.imagine camera.


Borrowed cameras will be assigned to students ONLY when forms and payment have been received. 

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