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Former i.imagine interns Left to Right: Hunter Clem of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Jessica Chandler of Transylvania University, Shannon Eggleston (Founder and Executive Director), Carlos Herriott of the University of Cincinnati, and Colin Shimrock of Miami University.

i.imagine is seeking compassionate creators for the following positions:

Classroom Instructors

We know that a great instructor can make all the difference. That's why we are proud to have highly experienced, technically and artistically skilled instructors who are also fantastic mentors for our students. Our instructors truly understand the unique needs of teens and can serve as positive role models and guides on their photography journey. Apply here!

College Internship

We use photography to empower kids to find their souls and tell their stories. To achieve this mission we lead school programs that inspire kids to artistically capture their world in photographs. Students learn technical concepts in photography, as well as how to emotionally tell a story with each photograph.  To do this we discuss relevant social issues, and how to emotionally tell a story in each photograph. Students learn creative skills in a range of settings as they grow the confidence to discuss their ideas as artists. All of our programs end with a public exhibition, kicked off with a grand opening reception, where students showcase their work to the broader community. We also engage in special projects that offer unique opportunities for community organizations and the public to collaborate with i.imagine students.

How do interns play a role in achieving our mission? 

First, interns play a key role in our school programs by serving as mentors to i.imagine students. Interns provide powerful  impact by modeling the role of a positive, responsible, career/higher education oriented student. Secondly, i.imagine strives to create an opportunity for our interns to grow professionally.  Each intern will propose, create, execute, and complete one semester-long learning objective that directly relates to your field of study, that will positively impacting i.imagine’s mission.  Past projects have included, but are not limited to video documentary, lesson plan/curriculum development, social media campaigns, graphic design, and web design. We are compassionate creators that want YOU to leave your i.imagine internship with will a portfolio that will dazzle your next prospect!  


Intern Commitment:

  • 8 hours/week that includes attendance at one of our student programs. 

  • The internship runs from September 6 - December 13. 

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is organized and dependable. 

  • Is excited to develop an independent project and use their range of interests and talents see the project to fruition. 

  • Enjoys collaborating with others to develop ideas. 

  • Will be a positive role model for our incredible students. 

  • Likes to have fun with their work. 

  • Values the unique perspectives that everyone brings to the world.

  • Wants to further explore their own strengths and talents.

  • Is patient, compassionate, and understanding of the needs and demands of i.imagine students in a classroom setting.

  • Shares a positive attitude and genuinely loves working with kids.

  • Is excited to bring positive impact to i.imagine and its students.


What do i.imagine interns learn?

  • How to create a vision for a project and see it through to the end. 

  • How to adapt your individual skill set to meet the needs of i.imagine’s programs and students.

  • How to collaborate with others in a professional setting, working directly with i.imagine’s Executive Director and teaching staff.

  • Professional networking and career development.

  • Non-profit organizational structure.

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