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I.imagine has been accepted into Cincinnati's "FotoFocus Biennial 2024." 

Since 2016, i.imagine has proudly been accepted into this very selective, and internationally recognized festival of photography in Cincinnati, which also spans to Columbus and Dayton Ohio. The "FotoFocus Biennial" takes place every other year and takes place for the entire month of October. I.imagine is honored to have been accepted as a participating venue for the 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, and now 2024 FotoFocus Biennial! 

The FotoFocus 2024 Biennial is themed “Backstories," in which i.imagine responded with a proposal to immerse selected students in an opportunity to use photography as a way to bring together the tradition and rich history of Kentucky horse racing, focusing on the elements that go unnoticed. As the Kentucky Derby comes to a close each year, i.imagine photography students study race day photos, and every year, the same conversation evolves… "I wonder what it’s like behind the scenes, on a regular day in the life of a jockey, his horse, the stable, and beyond".  


Thanks to the wonderful endorsement by Triple Crown Jockey, Steve Cauthen, selected i.imagine student photographers will be led on a journey to authentically immerse in an environment that will enable them to discover and visually document “backstories” of Kentucky horse racing. From welcoming new foals to Mr. Cauthen's thoroughbred farm in Verona to watching behind the scenes as Jockeys prepare to race, i.imagine photographers will be given a once in a lifetime experience! The final collection of i.imagine student images and stories will be titled “Off Track,” and will be on display in a public venue (TBD) as part Cincinnati’s FotoFocus Biennial 2024, which runs the entire month of October of 2024. 

To further enrich this experience and help guide students to their "backstory," our first "Off Track" event kick off with a photojournalism workshop led by Maddie Hordinski. Maddie is an up-and-coming photojournalist, contributing to the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, BBC, National Geographic, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and more! Maddie also sits on i.imagine's Board of Directors and has a deep passion for sharing her talent with emerging writers and photographers. 

Selection Process: 

Due to the nature of this project, i.imagine is limited to including a maximum of 20 students. Ideal candidates include students that are serious about continuing to learn and grow as photographers, demonstrate maturity, respect and integrity for themselves and others, and have the ability to prioritize this project to the best of their ability. 

Cost to Participate: 

Free! This project is fully grant funded by FotoFocus and includes all admissions, transportation, food/snacks/drinks, and exhibition related items.  Thank you FotoFocus!!!

Transportation: All outings listed below that take place prior to May 29th, include transportation to and from i.imagine's Center of Photography. 

Deadline to Apply: Wednesday March 6th at 10PM

Acceptance Announcement: Emailed on Friday March 8th 

Project Timeline and Calendar: 

3-10 - Parent/Guardian and student information session - 7pm Virtual (see more info. below)

3-11 - Alternate parent/guardian and student information session - 7pm Virtual (see more info. below)

3-14 - Maddie Hordinski Workshop at i.imagine Center of Photography - 5-7pm

3-18 - New Day Ranch in Verona Ky. - 3:30 - 6:30pm

3-21 - Turfway Park in Florence Ky. - Time TBD

4-18 - Keenland in Lexington - Time TBD

4-23 - Fundraiser at Triple Crown Country Club 6:30 - 7pm (optional) 

5-11 - Church Hill Downs in Louisville - Time TBD

May TBD - Steve Cauthen Farm in Verona Ky. - Time TBD

5-29 - i.imagine Center of Photography - Exhibition Prep - image Selection Day - 6-8pm (see more info. below)

6-19 - i.imagine Center of Photography - Exhibition Prep - image Selection Day - 6-8pm (see more info. below)

7-17 -  i.imagine Center of Photography - Exhibition Prep - image Selection Day - 6-8pm (see more info. below)

9-28 - "Off Track" Grand Opening Reception in Newport Ky. - 6:30 - 8:00pm

10-5 - "Off Track" Symposium in Newport Ky. - 2-4pm

Exhibition Prep Days - Three opportunities are listed to accommodate summer travel schedules. Students are required to attend one, and can attend more, as needed, to complete their project. 

Parent/guardian and student information session: This meeting is mandatory, and you only need to attend one of two dates listed above. For your convenience, we've made both dates virtual. A Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the meetings. 

"Off Track" Application

Thank you for applying!

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