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i.imagine Front Porch Project

Giving back has never looked so good!

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Every $20 donated from now until January 18th at noon, will enter you for a chance to win an "i.imagine Front Porch Portrait Session," with one of three renowned, Cincinnati based, partner photographers. 


Jeremy Kramer -

Jonathan Robert Willis -

Brenda Pottinger -

Michael Wilson - http://www.michaelwilson.picture

"Say Yes to Jess" Jess Summers -

4 square photographers.jpg
Color dust.jpg

Jess Summers

Sign me up!!!

Signing up is simple!  When you click on the button to donate (see below), we'll ask you a few simple questions.  Here's where you'll select the photographer from above that you'd like for your donation to be applied to.


Remember - every $20 gets your name in the drawing one time.  It's a win win for you (hopefully) and our students! 

Frequently Asked Questions:



 I don't have a front porch, can we choose a different location?

No porch, no problem!  The photographer will come to the address that you disclose, as long as it's within a 20 mile radius of downtown Cincinnati.


How far are the photographers willing to travel?

Each photographer will travel up to a 20 mile radius of Downtown Cincinnati. 


How long will the photo session last?

Each front porch session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. 

How many people can be included in my photo session?

Your front porch session if designed for one family unit. Less is more, especially for a 30 minute session.  


How will I receive my photos?

Each photographer has agreed to delivering up to five edited digital photos.  The delivery process may vary per photographer.  The two of you can discuss this further at the time that you schedule.

How many chances to win?

Our amazingly generous photographers have each donated two 30 minute sessions, providing six chances to win! 

How will I be notified if I am a lucky winner?

Winners will be announced on January 18th.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the big reveal.  Winners will also receive an email and call on January 15th. 

If I win, when can I book my session?

Each photographer will be given the contact information for each winner, and will be happily expecting a call from you to book your session!  Photographers are excited to work with you, but some date restrictions may apply.

What about Covid-19 restrictions?

This project started with Covid -19 in mind.  Our participating photographers will photograph from a distance, and wear a mask at all times.  For the safety of our awesome photographers, we require that each person in your group wear a mask before and after your session while in contact with your photographer.

Can my donation be applied toward more than one photographer?

Absolutely! Because you can only choose one photographer per transaction, you'll simply need to break up your donation into separate transactions.  Just remember, there must be a minimum of $20 donated for each to qualify for a chance to win!

Need more assistance? Feel free to contact Shannon Eggleston of i.imagine at or call at (859) 801-1045.

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