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Community Projects

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Community Projects

 i.imagine offers students the opportunity to participate in special projects that impact our community in fun and engaging ways.


We are proud to be a partner of the Cincinnati Opera for the 2022 production of "Fierce," as i.imagine students have been capturing its evolution. Students will lay out and design a book, with photos and text, to be published and sold as part of the upcoming "Fierce" production.


In October of 2018, i.imagine was a venue host for the FotoFocus Biennial, in which we showcased the work of our Holmes Middle School Students in a permanent art installation. The students' photographs were printed on ceramic tile and installed as a 12'x12' mosaic at the corner of 9th and Madison in Covington.  

Another book that is an ongoing project for our students combines photos of dogs with local chefs. The kids love working with their canine subjects and the photos that result are priceless.


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