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i.imagine Front Porch Project

Giving back has never looked so good!

Black and Red Footwear Giveaway Instagra
Red American Flag Appreciation Veteran's

Photograph by Madeline Whaley of Holmes High School - 16x20 Digital Metallic Print, 2020: Courtesy of i.imagine


At the Purple People Bridge, Newport KY.

July 19 - August 14

Fusion is a collection of photographs created by i.imagine students that experiments technically, artistically, and socially with how two or more things can be brought together to make one beautiful photograph.  "Creating photos for this exhibition enabled students to forget about Covid-19 for a little while, and instead, focus on things that are important in their lives,” says i.imagine Executive Director, Shannon Eggleston.  "Like every i.imagine photo, 'Fusion' is a collection of images that takes you into the soul of each of our students.  These photos are moments that matter, beautifully representing the fact that, even in the midst of an international pandemic, we can capture the joy that lives within each and every one of us.”  

There are eighteen artists and photographs stretched across the Purple People Bridge for you to enjoy!  Be sure to scan the QR code on each photograph for an up close and personal video visit with each of our amazing photographers!

Sponsored by:


Thanks to our participating schools:

Holmes Middle School - Covington, KY.

Holmes High School - Covington, KY.

Gray Middle School - Union, KY.

Ignite institute - Erlanger, KY.

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