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Holmes MiddleSchool


The i.imagine program at Holmes specifically focuses on using photography to help students to take pride in who they are, where they are, and where they come from.  These three objectives mold the majority of how students perceive their future. Once successful technique is to look artistically at family photos. Upon reflection, we change the perspective, thinking positively about our families.  When students feel safe from judgement, they begin to open up and share stories and memories of where they come from. It's incredible to see how students relate and bond with classmates. Another wildly successful model is to take the students on a field trip that is a "Hop On Hop Off" bus tour of Covington.  We stop at historic locations, learn about the unique history that lies within their neighborhoods, and take photographs that exemplify the beauty that surrounds us. The portfolios that students quickly acquire authentically reflect positivity in the world around them, setting the stage for a meaningful and successful future.

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